About KROHN®


KROHN is a Norwegian slow-fashion brand, introducing the Nordic Powersuit.

KROHN was founded in 2022 by the Norwegian business executive Anita Krohn Traaseth. Pre-launched February 2023 with the official launch planned in 2024.

Stated in the INSEAD case about KROHN published August 2023;

- She is launching not only a new brand but creating an entirely new category, Nordic Powersuits.

KROHN delivers high quality, unisex, seasonless suits and more — all with a bold and rebellious, yet sophisticated Nordic approach. 

At KROHN, we believe in competence, character, and clothing — in that specific order. 

KROHN seeks to redefine seasons with facts, hacks, and tools for people with drive. We want to encourage you to 'Claim Your Space'.

KROHN suits can only be Pre-Ordered to avoid overproduction, one of fashion’s biggest problem. Read our BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS  .

KROHN Oslo show room (appointments only): Thorvald Meyers Gate 7 Entrance from Thorvald Meyers Gate, ground floor, 0555 Oslo, Norway

e-mail: mail@krohnsuits.com 


Our founder

"I'm more a designer of work and career than I am of Fashion"  

Source:  INSEAD case about KROHN published August 2023.

With 25 years of leadership experience, our founder Anita Krohn Traaseth has worked to change the power balance of gender, age and cultural backgrounds in business for the duration of her career.

Since 2012 she has passed on her reflections and lessons learned on her journey from Trainee to CEO. Anita has produced blogs, published three bestselling books on leadership and delivers a weekly career mentor podcast.

Among her list of current duties, Anita is Chair, Non-Executive Director in several Norwegian companies and board member of the European Innovation Council (EIC). The launch of KROHN marks a continuation in her quest to level out the playing field for leadership.

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    Krohn Collective

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    KROHN handpicks high quality vendors to curate a unique collection. We call it the KROHN Collective.