Why the red powersuit?

February 20, 2023 • Anita Krohn Traaseth

The color of courage

Just like the color red carries a bold and universal message, so does KROHN. Created by a progressive Nordic female leader, KROHN is all about competence, attitude and quality.

Red. It’s a color that naturally catches our attention. In nature, it carries an important message, saying 'hey, look at me, I’m a nutritious berry', or 'I’m poisonous, stay away!'. As humans, we associate red with passion, power, and danger. Culturally, the color signifies success, vitality, and happiness.

For Anita Krohn Traaseth, red remains the unquestionable color to wear when it’s time to step up and deliver. For the span of her career as a leader in business, red hued blazers have been her trademark attire for major board meetings, company shake-ups and similarly intimidating situations — like standing tall in front of the press, speaking in front of big crowds, or being gazed upon and scrutinized by the public on live TV.

When it’s go-time and the pressure is high. When she needs to step up and stand up for her colleagues, for a cause, or for herself — red has been her companion. A reliable boost of self-esteem.

– Nothing beats the feeling red gives me. That's why red suits are my go-to for special occasions, and for situations where I need to enhance my confidence, says Krohn Traaseth.

For her, a well-tailored, comfortable red suit is a confidence builder. One that has proven effective time and time again. When it came to launching her own clothing and accessories brand, it was only natural to do so with a bold and refined, yet classically cut, red suit.

It’s all about raising awareness to facts

Of course the KROHN brand is centered around more than human integrity, drive and energy, draped in textiles of a vibrant red hue.

– There’s a lot more that goes into our aesthetic beyond dressing bright and bold, explains the company founder.

Even in the liberated social democracies of the Nordics, her former title as CEO of Innovation Norway still reads as an anomaly. As we’ve counted well past the 100-year mark of women’s right to vote, the patriarchal structures of corporate leadership remain largely intact.

– In Norway, status today in 2023, is that almost 90% of our top 200 companies are run by Norwegian, white men, while female and multicultural CEOs are in minority.

– And yes, any minority is forced to deal with prejudice. That’s a fact, not a feeling, says Krohn Traaseth with conviction.

Encouraging people to claim their space

Using KROHN as a vehicle, Krohn Traaseth’s ambition is to continue to level out the power balance of gender, age, and cultural backgrounds in corporate leadership. Having shared her own experience in books and podcasts for years, the messaging of KROHN will add to her long-term strategy for change — by distributing facts and knowledge.

– Of course, appearance matters in the corporate world, says Krohn Traaseth, but first comescompetence, confidence and character, in that specific order, she emphasizes. That’s why KROHN will speak up, deliver facts and advice –and encourage people to claim their space.

– I want to be very clear on this messaging, because the last thing the world needs now is another brainless fast-fashion label. I would argue that we’re quite the opposite.

Searching for the ultimate suit

Timeless style, high focus on quality and production, and a detailed list of specific functions were at the top of the list when Krohn Traaseth started developing her first flagship piece. As the idea matured, her vision began to crystallize in product form. The result is a fresh take on the classic, no nonsense, seasonless and gender-neutral double waisted suit.

– I’ve always searched for the ultimate one, says Krohn Traaseth, whose experience with suits goes back 25 years. The KROHN suit has been designed and created exactly the way she thinks a classic, double-breasted suit should be. –With a twist of course, she says with a smile.

An everyday suit needs to be functional and comfortable at work. For Anita Krohn Traaseth, that means a flexible cut that feels and looks good on many different body types, and fits all genders. The main fabric needs to be well considered for many reasons, it must be comfortable and solid for hours of travel and meetings. The garment should make no noise. It must pack and unpack with ease. And of course, it should manage to still look great after years, even generations, of use.

With functional details made to last as the top criteria, KROHN believes to bring something different to the market of gender-free corporate dressing. Here, the throwaway mentality of trend cycles and ephemeral styles are nowhere to be found. Still, the red suit holds the allure of being eye-catching and immediately desirable. It passes the rush Krohn Traaseth has felt wearing it on to those who try it.

– That’s exactly what KROHN suits are about. Enhancing the feeling of confidence and strength . It's like a shield that complements your competence, confidence and character.

9 facts about the KROHN suit

  • It features a timeless, seasonless design, to be worn by any gender from age 15–95
  • This timeless suit can only be Pre-Ordered to avoid overproduction, one of fashion’s biggest problem
  • The cut is slightly oversized, and you can mix sizes and colors of jackets and trousers
  • The trousers have extra fabric that allows for re-tailoring, as our body changes
  • A functional, third top button which can be buttoned
  • Ankle / arm straps creates a cool look, will show off your shoes, and makes dancing easier
  • The sleeves are buttonless, to avoid annoying clicks onto the surface of laptops
  • The first edition is made from 80% Lenzing EcoVero certified fabric
  • Basic colors like red, white and black is just the beginning - several colors of the same timeless silhouette will drop in the near future

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