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There are many "recipe books" about management and leadership, some are good, but the ones I have learned the most from are the timeless classics and fiction, like Odysseus and Ibsen.

  • Steinar Bjartveit /Kjetil Eikeset - Power and dignity, perspectives on management
  • Steinar Bjartveit - about Odysseus and Achilles
  • Henrik Ibsen – Kongsemnene (Ibsen asks two core questions here: why do you want to be a leader, and why should someone follow you?)
  • John P. Kotter - The Iceberg is Melting (explains and prepares you for different responses in an organization if you are to lead change processes. )
  • A. Haslam's - Psychology in Organization - ( on social identity theory, the importance of thinking we and us and not I and me, which enables people to engage in meaningful, integrated and interacting organizational behaviour. )
  • Meyer, Stensaker, Bjerke & Haueng – Innovation capacity (gives you a good introduction to how established companies build innovation capacity, with good, up-to-date examples from Norway).3 books you should read on business and leadership
  • Adam Grant; Givers & Takers (learn how to identify Givers from Takers)

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